PSG academy Rio ⚽️

The city of Rio is a city that vibrates under the influence of football.

If you go through Rio and you are football fans, many discoveries will be offered to you, including the world famous Maracana stadium.

But there are also other lesser known concepts that deserve special attention, this is the case of the PSG Rio Academy.

PSG Academy is the official school of the Paris Saint-Germain club in Brazil. This structure will allow to dive into the world of the club of the French capital with the help of the expertise of the club staff.

This structure will allow to find the methodology, philosophy and the same training methods used by professionals.

There are several offers of practice, including training formulas but also free practice formulas.

There are three centers of PSG academy based in Rio:

The PSG academy Unidade Gávea (21) 2275-7164.

The PSG Academy Botafogo (21) 2275-7164.

The PSG academy Unidade Barra (21) 97168-1148.

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